Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Cure Parkinson’s Trust

About Parkinson’s and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) was set up in 2005 by four people living with the condition. True to its name, it has one bold aim – to cure Parkinson’s. 

It is predicted that 1 in 37 of us will receive a diagnosis of Parkinson’s in our lifetime.


The symptoms of Parkinson's are due to the loss of dopamine containing nerve cells in the brain which control movement. Loss of these cells results in a unique combination of symptoms and side-effects in each person, which makes treating Parkinson’s extremely difficult. 

Symptoms range from a visible tremor, muscle stiffness or slowness of movement, to hidden fatigue, pain and low moods, to name just a few. These symptoms worsen over time as cells continue to deplete, impacting significantly on an individual's day to day life. 


Existing treatments for Parkinson’s seek to alleviate symptoms only, with varying and short-lived success. CPT takes a different approach: we seek to slow, stop, or reverse the devastating progression of the condition. We seek a cure.

What are we doing to cure Parkinson’s?

CPT funds innovative projects and inspirational scientists that are moving us closer to a cure. Our International Linked Clinical Trials initiative prioritises existing treatments for other conditions which show biochemical potential for curing Parkinson’s. We have over 40 drugs prioritised, with many already or imminently in trial in humans. 

The first results show some promising signs: this is a critical and highly exciting time for our work.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Charity Places

For the first time, we have FREE Charity Places available for both the Glencoe Half & Full Marathon and will be forming a Glencoe Marathon CPTeam. In return for your promised support during the event, we would be thrilled to offer you a spot to join us racing and raising funds to cure Parkinson’s. 

If you are interested in taking part in this year’s event, please send an e-mail to with your details, selected distance and fundraising goals. We will then send your unique redemption code for your free place.

Sponsorship Pledges

·     Glencoe Marathon - minimum sponsorship pledge £375

·     Mamores Half Marathon - minimum Sponsorship pledge £225

Be sure to receive your redemption code from Julia at The Cure Parkinson’s Trust before registering using this link: register. Once you have registered, please drop us an e-mail and we will help you get started with your fundraising!


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